Our Services

  1. Legal Analytics
  2. We build analytics solutions for legal organisations designed to fit seamlessly into the legal workflow. Request for a demo by contacting us directly.

  3. Quantitative Legal Research
  4. What cases get appealed on more than others? Do certain types of parties tend to get different outcomes from others? How have fact patterns arising and arguments made in cases relating to specific statutes changed over time?

    These are questions we have helped our clients put numbers on using our tech-augmented data extraction and modelling techniques. We also help clients visualise and present these insights.

  5. Legal Data Management
  6. What's your organisation's legal data strategy? All Artificial Intelligence and Analytics applications require sufficient machine-readable data to develop. Organisations without a clear strategy for legal data creation and management risk falling behind their peers in being able to exploit present and emerging analytics solutions.

    As lawyers, statisticians and programmers, we know what pieces of information have legal value, statistical significance, and how to make all that AI-ready.

Our Values

  1. Analytics can and should be sensitive to the unique context of legal work.
  2. At the end of the day, all legal work affects real human lives. And "so we had better use every power of our minds and our hearts and our beings to get those rulings right" (Justice David H. Souter, 1990). We take the robustness and reliability of our data techniques seriously.

  3. Technology is not an end in itself.
  4. We see analytics and technology as tools that helps lawyers cut out clutter and zoom in on where their experienced, qualitative judgment matters most.

Contact Us

Contact admin@lexquanta.com for more information or to arrange a consultation on how your organisation can unlock value in your legal data.